cover of The Enlightened Cook, Hassle-free food and entertaining

The Enlightened Cook

Hassle-free food and entertaining

Jenni Hicks 

  • Using readily available ingredients, cookery tutor and guru of stress-free food Jenni Hicks demonstrates how to make simple, tasty food that is perfectly adapted to busy modern lives.
  • Discover how to build up a repertoire of core dishes that can easily be adapted for different occasions: the culinary equivalent of the little black dress.
  • At the back of the book you'll find menu ideas for a variety of meals, from an informal lunch for a friend to a full-on dinner for a crowd.
  • Specification

    7½ x 9½ in.
    234 x 188mm
    128 pages


    All rights available


    (a book from the Food & entertaining category)

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